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Rapture Biotech has its main focus on providing the bio-serives and nuturing the yound talents with the core knowledge of bioinformatics so that they can serve the life-sciences community with their valuable knowledge and experience. To fulfill this goal, the company will organize various training sessions in many domains of life-sciences including bioinformatics, computational biology, chemo-informatics, agro-informatics etc. The company will organize various summer and winter training programs along with the project training sessions which will be held round the year. These training sessions and projects are specially designed with a focus on future needs of bioinformatics/biotechnology sector to provide the students with the full-fledged hands on skills and knowledge which will help them getting oppurtunities in their respective fields.

In the current scenario, there is a great demand for skilled professionals with the knowledge of bioinformatics. In response to the overwhelming demand for a hardcore training sessions, we have planned to conduct the semester project (Dissertation) & training programme round the year. The training sessions will encompass theroteical as well as hands on sessions to provide clarity to the subject.

Various services provided by us include:
1) Short term training sessions:
Include 21 days and 1 month training sesssions in bioinformatics, chemo-informatics etc.

2) Long term training sessions:
Include 45 days, 2 months training modules

3) Project training:
Include 3-6 months project based training sessions as per the student’s requirements.


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