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Rapture Biotech

20 Mar

Rapture Biotech is a bioservices company which provides services and training in Biotechnology, Industrial Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Pharmaceutical and Quality control, Herbal Drug formulations, Plant Tissue Culture etc. Various training sessions and the project programs organized by us will provide the candidates with a huge amount of exposure to various Hands on practical (On live projects), biological databases, tools, softwares and their applications in the scientific community.

Rapture Biotech labs are fully equipped with modern instrumentation facilities

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Rapture Biotech aims to get involved in providing bio-services solutions to various life-sciences companies around the globe related to bioinformatics software validation, database updation, pharmacogenomics, pharmacogenetics, high throughput data analysis, sequence and structure based analysis etc. In the past few years, Bioinformatics has emerged as a multidisciplinary subject that encompasses biotechnology and biological sciences in collaboration with the advancements in information technology. Various inherited domains like proteomics, genomics, drug discovery and designing, microarray analysis, 3-dimensional structure prediction using insilico approaches makes bioinformatics as one of the promising area in the future scenario. Further, trends have shown that bioinformatics is one of the fastly growing research and hence the need of trained manpower in this domain is the need of the hour. In this context, the services and the training provided by our company is a key factor for such a development and hence we aim to become a true knowledge process outsourcing company in health care and life sciences arena.